Marco Harleman


Der Niederländer Marco ist unübersehbar. Nicht nur wegen seiner stattlichen Körpergröße sondern auch weil er schlichtweg überall zu sein scheint. Sei es das Large Scale Fun Event, wo er im letzten Jahr sogar den Pokal für die weiteste Anreise gewann, den Glühweincup in Hockenheim, EFRA GPs oder andere Rennen – er fährt überall mit seinem HARM mit.

Dabei hat Marco sein Hobby auch zum Beruf gemacht und betreibt neben seiner eigentlichen Tätigkeit in der Software Industrie noch – einen bekannten und großen Store für alles was das Großmodellbauer-Herz höher schlagen lässt.

Und wo Marco ist, ist Marieke auch nicht weit. Sie begleitet Marco zu vielen Rennen und sorgt für atemberaubende Fotos.

Daten und Fakten

Name: Marco Harleman
Nationalität: Dutch / Netherlands
Verein: AMCA Apeldoorn
Geburtsdatum: 11.10.1977
Fahrzeug(e):  HARM SX4


4 Questions to Marco Harleman

1. Wie und wann bist du zum Großmodell-Fahren bekommen? // How and when did you get to largescale rc racing?

As far as I remember I saw the HPI catalogue from a collegea who was driving on a parking area. At that time I was about 20 years of age. Soon after I bought myself a 1:10th scale nitro. Just a starterkit, didn’t knew anything about nitro engines or rc-car racing. After a few times the parking area got boring, and I went to a real track. I soon recognized that my car missed some nescessarry updates to be able to do proper laps.

Quit soon I saw the largescale cars driving, but the prices of those car’s reached into the sky. But about a half year later i bought myself an almost new HARM Street chassis with Solo tuning engine and cable brakes. This one got rebuild over the years until a competion SX3 with hydraulic brakes and magnetic differential.

Nowadays I still drive with the HARM SX4. (Allthough several manufacturers have tried to change my mind to drive their car) Since the last 5 years when i grounded HRC-Parts, an online shop well know at national and international level almost all my life is about modelcar racing and trying to give the best performance both as driver and as supplier.

Inbetween the weekends I am working as a support engineer for a 3D BIM modelling software program.

2. Was zeichnet deiner Meinung nach Großmodellrennen im Vergleich zu anderen Maßstäben aus und was übt für dich den Reiz daran aus? // What do you find most interesting about largescale racing compared to other scales?

The technic, the fine mechanics, the sound of the engines reving, the drivers / mechanics / the scene

3. Mit welchen anderen RC Fahrzeugen bestreitest du rennen und was machst du im Winter um für den Sommer zu trainieren? // What other scales/rc vehicles do you race and how do you train in the winter for the upcoming season?

I do have a very long season normally, from the beginning of march until half of november. I need a few weeks in the winterperiod to load up the battery. In the past I did some 1:6 offroad racing as well.

4. Deine Empfehlung oder Tipp für Neueinsteiger und Rennneulinge. // Your tip for new rc racing pilots?

Dont try to buy anything you see on other drivers cars or in their toolbox. Even if they are doing much faster laptimes. Keep in mind that all tools, spares and options arent bought at once, and also not needed if you are just in the beginning of your RC car carreer. Just enjoy, ask and look around and enjoy.


  • vice Dutch Champion 2010
  • Several times AMCA Club Champion
  • Finalist EFRA EM warm-up Leipzig
  • Finalist EFRA GP Cremona 2012
  • more to come…

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