MRP stellt die Produktion für 2 Monate ein

Die Firma MRP – die Nachfolgefirma von GRP – stellt ihre Reifenproduktion für zwei Monate ein. Ab dem 16. Oktober bis zum 14. Dezember werden demnach keine Reifen produziert und ausgeliefert. Die Zeit will man nutzen um nach dem Feuer im Mai dringend notwendige Umstrukturierungen durch zu führen. Ebenfalls will man in dieser Zeit die neuen Formel-1 Reifen fertigstellen.

Hier die offizielle Nachricht von MRP:

Dear customer,
After the terrible fire which completely destroyed our production unit in May, we managed to restart our tire production as fast as we could but by doing so, we had to set up a temporary structure and organization which requires now a more specific adjustment and completion to comply with all quite strict rules and regulations for tire production. We have just been informed that this reorganization will require a minimum of 2 months.

Therefore, to maintain a certain production continuity, we can guarantee our standard production up to 16th of October and then we would stop for 2 months and restart on 14th of December. So if you need an order now for this period of time, we strongly advise you to pass it the soonest to confirm its production, as we will treat each order received and confirmed by us in order of arrival date (that is, on a first-come first-served base).

As for F1 tires the mould production of the new rim is taking more time than expected and we reckon to be ready with that in December when we restart. Therefore, for the moment F1 unglued tires are still available which come with their insert and plastic ring.

We do rely on your co-operation to ensure a proper supply to cover for the coming 2 months.

Best regards,
Lara Speranzini

On behalf of
Maurizio & Stefano Gandini
MRP srl

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